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901 01 Malacky


Company ID: 46 860 363

Tax ID: 2023622557

VAT ID: SK2023622557


+421 915 577 552


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The company Matuschek is established in the following countries:

    • United Kingdom        Matuschek Messtechnik
    • Brazil                        Matuschek do Brasil Ltda.
    • Czech Republic         W3LD SLOVAKIA s.r.o.
    • China                       FMC Weld & Robotics
    • France                      SH Industrie                                        
    • India                         Arm Welders
    • Iran                           AHS               
    • Hungary                    W3LD SLOVAKIA s.r.o.
    • Germany                   Matuschek Messtechnik
    • Slovakia                    W3LD SLOVAKIA s.r.o.
    • Sweden                    Svetsradet
    • USA                          Matuschek Welding Products

The company Vision Tools Bildanalyse Systeme GmbH cooperates in these areas:

Automobile manufacture

VisionTools Referenzen Automobilhersteller

Suppliers for automobile manufacturers

Referenzen Automobilzulieferindustrie

 Production of electronic devices

Referenzen Elektronikindustrie

Produktion of plastic

Referenzen Kunststoffindustrie

Pharmaceutical produktion

Rferenzen Pharmaindustrie

Produktion for suppliers of maschines and equipment

VisionTools Referenzen Industrieausrüster / Maschinenbau